About Us

Beautiful one-of-a-kind 100% handmade bags and accessoires made by women from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia. Fair trade.

WACHILA comes from the words Wayuu & Mochila. A mochila is a beautiful one-of-a kind, 100% handmade bags made by women from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia.

Wayuu mochilas are unique works of beauty that are full of life, color and circular harmony. The energy of the woman who creates a mochila is concentrated in each woven thread.  As one-of-a-kind artistic products commercialized under conditions of fair trade, Wayuu mochilas can also be used to increase income and promote social transformation.

Each design incorporated into every mochila bag is unique to the weaver, telling a story through the bag's colors, patterns and shapes. Wayuu women work full days while weaving their mochila bags and can take up to a full month to complete one single bag.

We are a socially driven business that promotes fair trade practices bringing you unique and handmade goods made by artisans who reflects their cultural heritage and ancient techniques. We ensure that artisans are fairly paid for their products making each purchase ethical and supporting their community’s growth.

Contact: laura@wachila.fr